Showcase your athleticism, demonstrate your playing skills, and prove your ability to lead
    teams to championships. At iBall Pro Combine, your camp performance is combined with
    your career accomplishments in a marketing package that is freely shared with
    professional management across the globe.

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    Focus Camp

    Personalized Exposure Meets World Class Training. iBall Focus allows you to showcase and develop your individual talents in order to demonstrate the skills that set you apart. Scouts and cameras capture your performance and proving you are the best will boost your marketability and greatly increase your chances to receive the offer that you are looking for.

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    International Tryout

    iBall is privileged to offer tryouts for and on behalf of teams and agencies for the sole purpose of connecting top talent with opportunities that are readily available. The opportunities include tryouts for teams, league-sanctioned tryouts or tour teams. Overseas tryouts are unique in that they allow players to participate in two ways—they may attend live evaluation camps or they may submit their basketball resume for evaluation and consideration. All participants receive equal consideration for making the team.

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