Your Next Scouting Video Will Be Better if You Do This

downloadNo matter what  approach you take to editing your scouting video,  it’s very important to be able to communicate exactly what you need.  Here is template for an email to help you explain what you need to someone that you will work with to customize your next scouting video. 


Here’s An Email Template for You to Use


My name is (YOUR NAME) and I (how you were recommended to them.. for example, I have registered for iBall National Pro Combine.)  I would like to know how you can help to prepare my scouting video.

I have a number of videos in a file that I will need to upload to you.  The videos are raw game footage. There are a total of (CHOOSE _ 2__3__4__5__) games that I would ask for your to edit.

The videos can be accessed by (CHOOSE_ youtube_hudl_google drive_dvd) and I will share them upon your request.

If you would be so kind, please share a proposal that includes a cost estimate and turnaround time for the delivery of the following:

For Scouting Highlight Films…

Scouting film featuring:
1. My Basketball Specs and Contact information:  height, playing position(s), passport(s) etc.
2. Focused film on 4 of my best Skills Sets. My understanding of my game says that those skills are (WRITE HERE).  After you have viewed my video, I would be happy for you to share any thoughts and give any feedback as to what makes my game special.
3. Uploaded to Youtube and Named appropriately so scouts can identify and contact me.  The title should have my full name, “scouting video” my position and the year that the video was created.

For Full Game Videos…

Edited Game Film featuring:
1. Cut out all dead balls, foul shots, time outs and commercials, and eliminate times when I am not on the court
2. Uploaded to Youtube and Named appropriately (my number and jersey color in film) so scouts can identify and contact me.

Thank you for your help and I will welcome any questions you have. I look forward to receiving your proposal as well as instructions on how I will pay and how we would get started to complete the project.

Thank you,


Trusted Video Editors

If you want help, please contact and tell the following videographers that Howard at iBall recommended you:

Jorge Lorenzo – Video scout for NBA and Spain National team.  Email:

Mike Starling – Video scout for Pro players, High School and NCAA teams,  Documentary specialist.  Email:

iBall United is a licensed sports agency specializing in player development through marketing, training, and education.  We are committed to building and sustaining the successful careers of players and personnel around the world.  We help players find contracts, coaches boost talent, and agents land offers.  Contact us to learn more at:

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