You Won’t Hear This at iBall Pro Combine

scoutsIf you’ve never been to a pro exposure camp, then please pay attention.  If you’ve been to a few, then I hope this never happened to you.

You show up to camp. They choose teams. You get handed some shirt – let’s say, yellow #12. And then you play.

You go on a nice scoring run and somebody with a clipboard asks the guy next to him, “Ey. Who’s yellow number 12?”

The guy with the clipboard says, “Your guess is as good as mine.”

What a pity.

There’s two reasons why we can guarantee this will never happen at the iBall Pro Combine.
First, yellow number #12 will never be a jersey number, meaning there would never be 12 players on a team.  If a pro exposure camp ever has 12 players on a team, it sucks, they’re stealin’ money, don’t go!

The next reason has to do with how we prepare iBall to your advantage.

Before they even walk through the door, management will have received a detailed player list with your career information.  If they wish, they can research you well before camp even starts.  We also put together a nice event scouting package that includes all player information.  Management gets that when they are greeted at the door.

So at the very least, when you go on your 6-basket scoring barrage, a coach can pull out his ipad, click your name, and open your profile. Everything they need to know about your playing career will be right there in front of them. They can even send you an email if they want to.

With or without the Combine, we think that a full understanding of the most effective ways to market your basketball expertise is a very important thing to know.  That’s why we’ve shared that and a whole lot more in the iBall Pro Player Guide.  And best of all.  It’s totally free!

If you are not registered, do it now.

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