ABOUT iBall United

Howard Brown, the founder of International BallPlayers United, Inc., (iBall United) worked as a professional basketball player for over 13 years, playing for organizations based in 19 different cities and in six different countries. During his playing career Howard spent a number of years learning the business side of playing basketball internationally and became passionate about giving young aspiring athletes an easier path to a successful playing career. His passion for laying a pathway for athletes was realized in 2012 with the successful launch of iBall United. In just two short years Howard and iBall United successfully helped dozens of players find agents and jobs. With his success the number of athletes seeking services grew and the need to expand services shortly followed.In 2014, International Ball Players United joined with Michael A. Walker, Esq. and iBall Management PC to create a unique partnership. Michael is an attorney and certified agent for the NBPA and FIBA. The joint agency now called International Ball Players United, LLP is a full service player management, marketing and consulting firm focused on building professional careers. iBall has captured a unique agency structure that marries player management and player preparation with innovative consulting and marketing technology. iBall is a proven service provider for individuals with goals of building and sustaining sports careers at the highest level of professional play. With staff throughout North America, Europe, and parts of Asia, iBall leverages first-hand knowledge and expertise of collegiate and professional sports to offer programs and services for sports enthusiasts world-wide.