Why Camps and Careers Are Totally Different–Putting One on Hold Could Cost You the Other

It’s that time of year!!!    Your NCAA basketball days are over ( Congratulations! )  Now it’s time to move on to the next phase of your basketball career >> going pro!

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But some players still have work to do. Maybe you have a few credits to get this summer.  Maybe you couldn’t commit to some required work-study hours because of the season travel schedule and you plan to finish them up next spring.  Or maybe you’ve been offered a post-graduate scholarship, and you’d really like to get another degree before you pursue your basketball career.

Whatever the case may be,  putting your b-ball gear in storage is something not to be entered into lightly.

” It’s hard enough to prove yourself in the first place.   Why make it more of an uphill battle by raising doubts before you step on the court. “

When you choose to sit out, and then go back to pursue your professional career, you may find it much more difficult than one would think.  It’s really like starting from scratch, but with more things to prove.

When you’ve sat out a year, questions will be raised, and they will need to be answered before you’re considered for any pro contract.  Some of the questions may be:

  1. Are you still in basketball shape?
  2. Did you sit out because of some major injury?
  3. Have you lost a step, or lost your rhythm to play the game at a high level?
  4. (most important) Is the reason why you didn’t play simply for the fact that no one was interested? 

It’s hard enough to prove yourself in the first place.   Why make it more of an uphill battle by raising doubts before you step on the court.

When you put yourself back into the mix by attending camps and tryouts, you’ll find that most camp directors (not iBall) won’t be kind enough to put an (*) asterisk next to your name in the scouting material.

2012-13:  * Player Sat out to Earn Degree

Consider participating in exposure opportunities even if you may not want to go off to play right away.

Getting your game in front of management right after school will allow you to test unbiased interest, and gain contact with agents who would like to represent you, or teams who may be interested in signing you.  You don’t have to accept an offer, but at least you know who is interested and willing to work with you.

After they play  Pomp and Circumstance Marches, and you’ve tossed your cap to the sky, a simple phone call or email can get you right back in the mix.

“Hey Mr. / Mrs.  So-and-So, I’ve finished my degree.    I’m in better shape than ever, and I’m ready to play!”

But sometimes time and other considerations won’t allow you to attend the best camps.  So even if you don’t get to test the waters,  be sure get these two things–A.S.A.P.

1. Solid Basketball Resume / Bio / Profile

Take your pick for which word you want to use for it, but just know to get a good one.  Take advantage of having more time at your school to bug the video guy.  Get the three videos you need to start out your resume presentation.  Get them edited really well and then have them uploaded to youtube.

2. Stats and Facts to Back Up You Film

Then gather all your other bio-specific data and complete your presentation.  I will explain this in some detail in a later post.

iBall United offers resume-building and consultancy services.  These services are recommended for players without agents or without the help of college coaches who understand the importance and format of a professional bio.

In sum, finishing college and earning a second degree is never a bad choice, especially when the university is paying for it.  But don’t let it cost you an opportunity to live out your dream.  There’s a very small window of opportunity. Peak through now and see what’s on the other side.  If not, it could very well close before you’ve had the chance to.

Howard Brown is the CEO and Founder of International Ballplayers United, Inc.. (” iBall United “) is a Player Marketing and Consultancy company.   iBall assist players with the information, resources, and opportunity they need to pursue basketball at the highest level.  The iBall pro combine empowers players with an opportunity showcase their skills and broadcast their talents to over 700 GM’s, Coaches, and Agencies world-wide.

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