Who’s Running The Camp? Questions You Need To Ask About Pro Camp

iball-9847Another question you should ask before attending any pro camp is, “Who’s Running the Camp?”

Is it a league?  Is it an agency? Is it a scouting service?  Is it a sports marketing or shoe company?

All different types of camps have benefits and drawbacks. For some you would be better off if you stay at home.

Let’s look at 3, in no particular order.


Agency camps are a great way to get signed to contracts: first with the agency and then, with teams.  The goal to attending an agency-run camp is to go, play well, get signed by the agent, then get signed by team.

The best agency-run camps do a good job of picking out players, then landing them teams.  But thats just about where the benefits stop. Its really hit or miss.

Even if the agent is really good people, its just not in his interest to help too many other people. The fact is that agents get paid for helping one type of player--their players. For many reasos, they will only be able to sign a limited amout of players from camp. Everyone else, is left out.


Branded camps pay a premium to align the camp with big company names.  As soon as the big dogs are in place, then they ask alot of other companies to get in line for sponsorships.  This approach is great–for advertisements.  As for players, that depends on the type of camp that the organizers intend to host.


There’s a huge difference between a volume camp and a focused camp.

The volume camp is intended to be held as many times as possible.  It goes around the world yeilding the famous brand and logo, letting almost any player sign up for a nominal fee.

The focus camp intends on using the popularity of the brand and the products that the brand gives to players that attend in order to persuade players to attend.  The products also help to persuade agents to register their best players, and to get coaches and scouts to attend to receive the kickbacks. The focus approach puts all of its effort in producing one camp or a minimal amount of camps, and doing them very well.

Both camps are recommended for players with agents who can be there on hand to network with coaches in attendence.   The more focused and less occurrances the event, the better.


These camps are a hybrid of the two previously discussed camps, and are designed to maximize the exposure of all players. Premium exposure and benefits are reserved for the top performers.

Advanced exposure camps are not run by agents so there is no direct connection to players getting signed.

That doesnt mean agents dont attend. The opposite is true. Many agencies are invited giving more players a greater chance of being signed.

There is a plus as well as a drawback when sports marketing camps are compared with Branded Theme Camps.

The plus is that the marketing efforts are focused on the  player. However, the power of the marketing is limited to the power of the individual or organization running the camp.

The reputation and reach of the organizers will determine the effectiveness of the camp. If the organizer has no contacts or knows nothing about pro ball or marketing, then good intentions will go nowhere fast.

Check the company track record, and ask yourself do they deliver?

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