Top 3 Online Basketball Promotion Sites, Other Than The iBall Profile

DreAllDay is one of my favorite online basketball experts. He put it best when he said, ” Having skills in basketball and not being seen is like having a bunch of money in cash locked in your attic or basement.   Yes you are rich, but the power of money is in its use and circulation, not the act of possessing it.”

To apply this to basketball, it means it’s not wise to just choose one camp, one person (like your agent), or one website to get your name out there.   Be proactive. Learn how to network.  And Find out the Best things to do to get you where you wanna be.

The internet makes it alot easier than when I came out way back in 1999.  My first agent didn’t even make me a DVD!

The iBall Profile

By now you know we’re pretty big fans of the iBall Profile and all it can do for promoting your basketball career, but let’s face it, we’re not the only show in town.

There’s tons of sites that allow you to promote yourself online.  But they’re not all built the same.

Here’s some of the best we’ve seen so far.  Best of all –they’re free!

It’s My Play – The most robust of all online profiles by far. Many great features including agent and team profiles.  You also get your own message inbox with facebook-like alerts.

Basketball Player Advisor

* If you have great video, you need to get on here.  Jorge Lorenzo produces the best custom scouting videos I’ve seen for top pro and NCAA prospects.  If you need a scouting video, this is definitely someone you need to get in contact with.

Dre All Day

DreAllDay This isn’t “a signup and put your profile online” type of site.  Instead, this is a place to go and learn how to make. Dre is the foremost Youtube producer of instructional video for basketball.  Grab some popcorn, and a laptop and go to his website or Youtube feed.  There’s gems of knowledge for days! #WOYG

Learn more about how iBall United is helping players to build and sustain professional careers by visiting our website at

iBall United works for you:
•Finding Teams and Agents,  •Evaluating Offers or Contracts,  •Creating and Publicizing Professional  •Marketing Packages  •Pro Camps and Tryouts  •Online Exposure  •Pro Player Education Guide   •Finding Answers to Common Questions

* Full Disclosure. is an iBall United audio visual partner for editing video footage for iBall Pro Combine players. Thefore, iBall United holds a financial interest in any customized video that’s purchased from camp.  However, iBall recieves no financial renumeration for any scouting video purchased and customized for players outside of iBall Pro Combine Camp.

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