Things are Getting Real for Overseas Ballers. What About You?

I just got done reading a story about someone I know.  Not personally, but I could feel the pain in his every word. It was like I was the one sitting there explaining what had happened myself.

An overseas basketball veteran had recently been through some real ‘BS,’ and finally came to the point that he’d had enough.

What about you?

In Hungary, hitting a deer will cost you $5000 +

Meet Josh Wilson. In his recent blog post entitled, “The Next Chapter” he broke down the reasons for calling it quits on his basketball career.

As the story goes, he and his family had been in Hungary a few years back and he’d been in a head-on collision with a deer.  Unfortunately, that’s not the bad part.

In his own words, ‘The Hungarian government tried taking away my license (to play pro basketball) for 3 months, making me pay for the deer I killed (up to $5,000) and also threatened to make me pay for the (hospital bill) of the teammate that was riding with me. They said I was liable because there was a deer warning sign a few (kilometers) back and because I was liable I also had to pay for the car I just totaled. Apparently insurance wouldnt cover it.’

To make matters worse, Mr. Wilson landed in Finland the next year, where he ended up needing to pack up his family and leave the country because the team refused to pay.

It makes me curious to know what his agent had to say about any of this.  I’d also like to know if he (his agent) still deals with the teams that got away with jerking my man out of his dough.

This is just one of many stories that you’re gonna hear once you take the long journey overseas to live out your dream. Hopefully, it ain’t your story.

That’s why it’s important for pages like iBall Uni to exist.   It’s time for a place where players can come and learn about what’s really going on in the world of overseas ball.  It’s time for a place where a baller can let the world know what he’s going through–while he’s going through it–because believe it or not, someone (like me) has been through it before, and people (like me and loads of other ballplayers I know) would be more than happy to help.

I’m gonna send this post out to every ballplayer, professional or not. If nothing else, so they can chime in, ask questions, and tell their own stories.

What about you?

Yes, it’s possible that Mr. Wilson or his agent could have taken a better look at the insurance coverage the team was providing.  It’s also possible that Josh could have hired a better lawyer to fight the team or the Hungarian government for the money they stole.  He probably could’ve taken a better look at the history his agent had with protecting his players, and asked more fellow players about the Finnish team’s reputation for paying on time.

He may have done all of that and then some.  Who knows?

What I do know is this.  It’s becoming increasingly clear that us ballplayers don’t communicate enough. All day, we share photos on facebook with fans at home.  We tell mom and dad about the monster games we had and let them bask in the fact that their sons and daughters are doing what they love and (supposedly) getting paid to do it.

If they only knew.

If we don’t start to share the info about the countries, the teams, and the agents that are out there letting this stuff happen, then each year, there’ll be another Mr. Wilson.

I think it’s time for that to change.

What about you?

Thanks for Sharing!

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