Stop Using These Methods of Sharing Your Basketball Data

Don’t risk damaging your credibility or misrepresenting your game by using any of these old and ineffective methods of sharing your basketball resume information.

There was a time when a well-designed marketing package with cover page, color pictures, and a DVD highlight video was incredibly effective.  That time has passed.   It’s expensive, requires a high degree of technical ability, and is extremely limited in it’s potential to be distributed. 

Email is the most widely used method for distributing professional profiles.  But beware.  People don’t like downloading .doc’s and .pdf’s to their computer. Could you imagine being responsible for giving a virus to a General Manager’s computer? You could forget playing there!

New websites are popping up everyday.  Some are OK.  Others stink.  Most are hibernating.  The reason we call them ‘sleeping profiles’ is because there’s no active exchange of your information.

The site may let you list everything about your career. There may even be share buttons.  But there’s no way you can guarantee that anyone has ever seen you.

The format we recommend is shared with all players that register for iBall National Pro Basketball Exposure Combine. This method is does the best to fully articulate who you are, what your game has to offer, and how to contact you in a clear and effective manner–one that is safely and easily accepted by coaches, GMs and scouts everywhere. One critical component is knowing how to create your marketing video.

iBall United is sports agency specializing in player development through marketing, training, education.  We are committed to building and sustaining the successful careers of players and personnel around the world.  We help players find contracts, coaches boost talent and agents land offers.  Contact us to learn more at:

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