Scouting List 2016 Women’s iBall FOCUS Combine PA

All Player attendees, their uniform numbers, videos, career history, and more scouting data can be found on their individual iBall Profiles.  Players may be contacted directly for contract offers and other communications.   Please click the named link below to access all Scouting information.

Name   Ht   Pos  Experience

#5    Ryan Reeder   5-4   PG, SG

#6   Tyeca Reviere  5-3      NCAA D2

#7   Ginger Quinonez   5-9   G/F

#8   Ashley Pledger   5-6   PG. SG   NCAA D3

#9   Daria Frazier   6-0   SG, SF, PF   US Semi-Pro

#10   Zantaya Davis   6-0   PF   NCAA D2

#34   Angelik Young   5-6   SF, PF

#56   Monae Baker   6-2   PF, C  International Pro

#11   Jayme Gilbert  5-6   PG, SG   NCAA D2

#12   Javana Bernard   5-4   PG   NAIA

#13  Xzabria Adams  5-2   PG, SG   US Semi-Pro

#4  Shelissa Jones  5-2   PG, SG   US Semi-Pro

14 Alexis Wright 5-11  SF PF   NCAA D2

Shaquilla Curtis   5-9   SG, SF   NCAA D1

Channell Mackey   5-5   PG   NAIA

Bianca Dufelmeier   5-6   PG, SG   NCAA D1


Stephanie Gardner 5-7  PG, SG International Pro

Natalie Henderson 5-11 PF, C

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