Scam Alert: As Reported by FIBA is Fake

FIBA-Logo-and-the-World-Cup-of-BasketballSCAM ALERT! As reported by FIBA, a scam offer related to Enio Vecchi acting like a Basketball Coach for Osasco Basquete Basketball in Brazil with the e-mail is fake.

If you have any information in regards to this scam, then please contact or contact the offices at FIBA.  To avoid scams, when reviewing contract offers, please seek legal counsel or the assistance of a licensed agent.  The first thing to do when you receive an offer by email is to do a google search of the email address in question and the word “scam”.  In this case, put + scam.  In the case that this scam was reported somewhere on the net, it will show some results.

It is also good practice to check the URL of any email address of someone that is claiming to represent a club.  If the email is “gmail” “yahoo” or any other general email service, and not the URL of the club’s website address, then that is a red flag.

Also, NEVER pay any up front fees for “insurance” or other fees that someone claims  as needed in return for a club to send you a plane ticket.  If anyone is asking you to send a moneygram or western union payment to get a contract, then it is probably a fraud.

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