Roerbuck Averaging Double Double for MC El Brasil Santa Ana (El Salvador)

Octreyvius Roebuck (SG, SF, PF 6ft 7in / 200lbs) will be joining MC El Brasil Santa Ana (El Salvador) basketball team where he will be accompanied by Felipe Ruiz. Roebuck, a 30-yr old American swingman, recently helped the Charlotte Elite (TRBL) in the U.S. to claim the TRBL Western Conference Championship after they ending the regular season as the second best team.

At the 2016 iBall National Pro Combine, Roebuck claimed the 2016 All-iBall National Combine 2nd Team by repeatedly beating defenders off the dribble and showing the ability to score in multiple ways.  He is a complete offensive player as well as an excellent defender with superb 1-on-1 defense, superior athleticism, strong defensive rebounding, and great hustle activity.   His versatility and unselfishness are serving as a great asset for MC El Brasil Santa Ana.

At iBall national, Roerbuck shot the ball from deep with range beyond 20 ft (6.25). He also repeatedly showed the ability to knock down big shots in the clutch.   His combine rankings included: #8 -Points (11.2 /gm) #12 -Rebounds (5.6 /gm) #18-Assists (1.2 /gm) #22-Steals (0.2 /gm) #17-Reach (100.5 in) #35 -Athleticism.

His iCAN membership allowed Roerbuck to work with iBall Agency Advisors for consulting and guidance toward career advancement and assistance to perfect and promote his basketball resume.

We connected with Roebuck and we are thankful that he would share his thoughts in an Interview.   Check it out:

What help, if any was iBall and the iCAN Elite Service in taking this next step in your career?

The film I received from Raw Sports who did all the camera work at the iBall National Combine was very vital to my signing.  It was that film along with my resume, and help from Mr. Alen Rugovac that caught the attention of one of my team’s representatives.

Do you have any words of encouragement or advice to share with other aspiring professionals?

Professional basketball overseas is a grind!  Unless you are apart of that very select fortunate few it may take awhile before you get your opportunity to live out your dream. I battled for six long years before this shot to prove what I can do became available. Stay hungry and most importantly have faith your time will come.

How can your fans follow you throughout the season? Facebook? Twitter? Instagram? A sample answer is follow me on Instagram @iballunited

First off I want to thank those that keep up with my new found career. I do all of my posting on Facebook… stay tuned!

Is there anything else that you would like to share?

I just want to thank guys like Howard Brown and Alen Rugovac for believing in me. I also want to thank those two for providing me with an opportunity to make my dream a reality!

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