Moe Dominant in First Pro Contract with Cojute (El Salvador)

moeAnthony Moe (Forward / Center, 206cm / 6’9” Kitty, Georgetown, Guyana, Conotou), has been dominant in his role with Cojute (El Salvador), a professional basketball team located in the capital city of El Salvador’s Cuscatlán department.

In just over 2 months, Moe has had 6 games of 40 or more points, rattling off 3 straight games of 40 points during the month of April.  Moe has also had 3 games of 20+ rebounds and is among the league leaders in points and rebounds, averaging just under 27 points and 15 rebounds per game.

Prior to joining Cojute, Moe was named to multiple iBall All-Pro Combine teams, including the 2016 iBall FOCUS Top interior Player.  In college, Moe starred for Millersville University.

Check out Anthony Moe’s most recent highlight film:

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