2013 Men’s iBall Pro Combine Full Scouting Report; Evaluations, Video, Stats

2013 mens scouting report promo picWe’re excited to announce the June 2013 First Team All iBall Pro Combine.  It was not an easy selection as June’s pool of players was our most talented to date.  Scouting notes were taken by a group of former and current NBA and Overseas players. The notes were then compiled and summarized.  Video was eyeballed for  statistical accuracy.  Athletic Tests Results conducted by MAXOUT, and player attitude reports were also considered by Team iBall in order to make the selections.

Each player’s playing history, agent, references, and other contact information can be accessed by clicking their names.  All Stats and Scouting information about ALL 43 PLAYERS can be found in the iBall Pro Combine Scouting Report.   The 2012 Report received rave reviews from overseas and NBA-D League coaches, and we believe the June 2013 report is even better.  Also Available are All Game videos and All Stats from the combine.

DEREK HALL – MVP  (7’0”, Northampton, PA) showed a  soft shooting touch, quick release, and effective right jump hook. He was tenacious on both offensive and defensive glass averaging a  tourney-high 10.3 rebounds per game. (#1)  Many coaches commented on his great attitude  and he is perceived as extremely coachable. His  23.7 value average (#1) helped lead team  Stokes to the combine championship. Derek led all combine players in 12 statistical categories. 

RYAN COOK (6’3” G Laurel, MD) Scoring guard that can also run the point. Solid shooing technique with range. Patient but dominant scorer (16 ppg-#2) that is effective within the game flow. Efficient 1-2 dribble pull up jump shot. Strong when slashing to the basket with the ability to find and capitalize on any crease. Determined on defense with active hands for deflections and steals (2.5 spg-#2)  

COREY BETHEA (6’4” G, Philadelphia, PA) Scoring point guard that distributes the ball extremely well (#1 in assists – 4 apg). Beats defenders and passes very well in the penetrate & kick. #3 overall in both points per game (15.5) and value (18.5) Attacks extremely well in space. Also finds seams to in traffic to create easy scoring opportunities. Reads passing lanes extremely well (3.5 spg-#1) Excels in up-tempo game. more about Corey

RUSSELL JOHNSON (6’6” G/F Chester, PA) Skilled and athletic (#3 overall athlete) who is best when decisive and aggressive. Best 1-2 dribble pull up in camp. Distributes ball very well (2.3 apg-#5) Top 3 overall defensive player with ability smother players with length, quickness, strength, and jumping ability. Solid shot blocker (4 total-#1). All-around solid player (14.7 value per game #5) who is patient and even keeled.

MAURICE FOSTER (6’4” G, New Orleans, LA) Aggressive, physical guard with ability to score in many different ways (18 ppg -#1) Efficient in the half court set (61% 2pt-#2) Superior slashing ability. Excels in the fast break. Strong 1-on-1 defender who converts steals (2.5 spg-#2) and long rebonds to easy baskets on opposite end. Capable shooter from 3 with ability to shoot off of dribble.





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