iBall Founder Howard Brown Featured at International Athlete Summit

BALTIMORE – iBall United Founder and CEO, Howard Brown, recently joined a host of Global Sports Leaders to speak at the 2016 AthleteBlab Online International Athlete Summit.  The first ever AthleteBlab was hosted by Susan Salzbrenner, Author and Founder of Fit Across Cultures, and Ryan Jay Owens, Founder of Beyond Athletic to share knowledge and experiences with aspiring, current, and retired international sports professionals.  Topics such as Mobillity, Marketing, Agents, Finance, and much more were covered over a 2-day day span.

iBall United was founded to do much more than help players sign contracts, teams boost talent, and agents land offers.  The company is dedicated to empower athletes with knowledge and multiple resources toward building and sustaining successful careers.

Brown led in a discussion alongside Olympic medalists and accomplished professionals from multiple sports and from countries across the globe to share knowledge about what it takes to achieve, maintain, and retire successfully from a career in international sports.

Click to check out the replay below:

iBall United AthleteBlab 2016 Howard Brown

iBall United is committed to building and sustaining the sports careers of  players at the highest level.  For more information, please visit our website at http://iballunited.net.

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