How iBall Works You To Get A Pro Contract

One of the most important questions to ask before you sign up for any camp, “What will you do to help me get a pro contract?”

Soon, you’ll learn one of the many ways iBall Pro Combine works to get you a pro contract.  But first, let’s look at why it is we do what we do.

If there’s one thing nobody has enough of these days, it’s time.  So when we ask coaches, team administrators, scouts and agents to travel thousands of miles to attend the iBall Pro Combine, we need to make it worth their while.

That’s one of the reasons why we offer plenty of detailed information about players who will attend and model the iBall Pro Combine after real, professional training sessions.  Lastly, we follow up with key stats from athletic tests and games as well as a detailed scouting report about player performance.


But before the Combine even begins, many of the scouts will have had adequate time to review pages of marketing materials about players who have registered.

iBall Pro Combine is the only camp nation-wide that offers professional scouting video prepared by the NBA and FIBA Scouting affiliates at Basketball Player Advisor (BPA).  BPA has worked with the Golden State Warriors, Dallas Mavericks, the Spanish National Team and many FIBA teams from around the world.   Below is a recent scouting video prepared by BPA and shared by iBall with pro basketball personnel prior to iBall Pro Combine.

Another marketing boost is offered with the iBall Pro Marketing Package.  The custom preparation is available to players with and without agency representation in order bolster the professional presentation  for personnel accesses and evaluates their basketball expertise.  Again, this is also offered before the combine and is offered as an outstanding preview to what the player will later showcase at the combine.  In addition, the iBall Pro Marketing Package along with extensive physical and game stats and video from the combine provides a distinct advantage for decision-makers from across seas who cannot make the trip.

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There are many ways in which iBall Pro Combine prepares players for playing at the international level prior to camp.  One way is through our Free Pro Player Guide.  Another is through the one-on-one consultations with iBall Founder, and former 13-year pro, Howard Brown.  And if that was not enough, in 2014, iBall Pro Combine integrated an optional Pro Player Workshop; offering advice on finding and working with teams, and agents, as well as financial advice and an inside look at the cultural implications of playing basketball overseas.


After watching you perform at camp, decision-makers should know 3 things;
1. Are you in good enough athletic condition to play on my team?
2. Is your playing style a good fit for my team?
3. Do you have what it takes to help my team win?

Below you’ll find some speed & agility tests, situational sessions, and games that were played at a recent iBall Pro Combine.  And you should also be pleased to know that the stats, videos, and results from all tests, drills, and games are reported in the official scouting report, and game video and stats pages on our website with your name linked to you iBall Profile in each case.  This is ultimate international exposure and it is unmatched by any competitor camp on the market today.

Shuttle Drill

Vertical Jump Test


Not shown but also offered: 3-on-3 Situational Drills, Multi-Directional Athletic Test, Player interviews, Individual Player Workouts Coaches


All Combine Video, Game Stats, and Results from Athletic tests are uploaded to the iBall United website.  Top performers have advanced marketing packages prepared and distributed directly to Top Level Management.  The iBall Pro Combine Scouting Report is also uploaded to the site and prepared for world-wide distribution.  iBall Reports have been instrumental in telling the complete story about players who shined and attendees who visited and contributed to the combine.  iBall follows up with numerous reports sent out to professional personnel world-wide.  Each report is easily translated into over 60 languages and have been a proven source for decision-makers and player signings at the NBDL and FIBA Level.

iBall United is committed to build and sustain professional careers of basketball players around the world. For more information on how iBall can do the same for you, visit our website at

iBall United works for you:
•Finding Teams and Agents, •Evaluating Offers or Contracts •ProfessionaL Player Marketing •Camps, Combines, and Tryouts •Online Exposure •Answers to Common Questions


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