‘EUR’ Not Protected; Players Call for European Basketball Union

iBall Resume solutionsSince officially entering the wonderful world of consulting, I’ve been getting a lot of requests for looking over offers and evaluating the true value of opportunities that players have been presented.  This is nothing new.   Throughout my career, I negotiated a number of my own contracts and helped a lot of my teammates with contract negotiations, agent selection processes, and doing the thing we hated the most–

fighting to get all our money!


When Spring-time rolls around, things are heating up for players around the world.  But its not just the weather that’s heating up.  March Madness is always Fire!  And while some players are warming up to the start of a fresh, new signing period,  others are having heated discussions with agents and teams around the topic of collecting all their cash before they board their flight home.

In another recent post, we considered 4 things to do when your team stops paying, but when a 10-month season is finally coming to an end, its really easy to get your ticket home and trust that the team will send you your money.  If you don’t take heed to anything else I’ve written in this post, trust me when I say “DON’T DO IT!”  There are bunch of ways to put yourself in the best spot possible to better the chances of getting the rest of your money.


As we established in a previous post, ‘Unfortunately there is no international basketball union that enforces the contracts of most teams and agents.’  FIBA has a governing body in Switzerland that you should know about and recognize if you signed a contract in Europe.

Some countries also have local federations that are somewhat like unions.  They are set up to act on the player’s behalf in cases where teams violate contract agreements.  The article I wrote (above) speaks more about this but here is a direct list to many of the world’s International Sports Federations. Let me know if you have any questions about these Federations.

Thats why its really great to see that high-profile players are getting involved in a call for action.   Keith Langford, who played his 2013-24 season with EA7 Emporio Armani Milan (Italy, Euroleague), one of the most important teams in European basketball history and owned by Giorgio Armani, recently sounded off in an edition of the most renowned Italian sports newspaper, La Gazzetta dello Sport.   In the interview, Langford is claiming the need of a Players Union for the US ballers that “take their talents” to Europe.

The interview is a must read.  check it out here


One of the best ways to get connected with the do’s and don’ts of pro basketball overseas is to learn from other players who’ve been there. There are many blogs and websites that players are using to share knowledge and talk about their experience. Here are a few:

Pro Basketball Overseas:  More than 50 players are sharing their experiences in a number of different ways. Updates are daily. The site also includes recent transactions as posted by Eurobasket.com.

Access Athletes: Not only does AA give frequent updates for players overseas, they also offer career guidance after basketball as well as financial guidance to help you set yourself up for success after your sports career.  Multiple sports are represented.

DreAllDay.com: Factual. Entertaining. In Your Face. Real.  Dre Baldwin came from a small school and worked hard to make it. He does a great job of giving you the low down on a number of issues that every aspiring overseas basketball player will come across at some point before and during their basketball career.  Here is a detailed Guide to How Overseas Basketball works.


I’m happy to take a look at any situation you may be going through.  There were many times that it was not in my agent’s best interest to help me fight for my money.  So what happened?  The first time, I trusted people and learned the hard way. After that, I learned to take matters into my own hands, and protected myself from losing out on getting my money.

Many of these situations can be avoided by making the right choices up front.  If you would like assistance with the review of any offer you may be considering, any agency you are thinking to ride with, or anything in between,  please let us know.

iBall United is committed to build and sustain professional careers of basketball players around the world. For more information on how iBall can do the same for you, visit our website at http://iballunited.net.

iBall United works for you:
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