Don’t Get it Twisted. Signing With An Agent is Urgent. You Snooze You Lose

From talking to players recently, there seems to be some confusion about what it means to have an agent that is ready to represent you, and having one that invites you to camp.  There’s also a failure to recognize how time-sensitive the agent and team signing period is.  Let’s shine some light on both of these.

Don’t Get it Twisted

There’s a big difference between choosing an agent, and being invited to camp. If you have been asked to consider an agent-player representation contract, then you have an agent that is ready to sign and work for you.   If you received a camp invitation, that’s all you got.  That’s it. An invite to go to camp, and prove that you’re contract-worthy.

If you have been offered a contract, then you’re on your way.  The agent probably has a few teams in mind for you. He may already be planting seeds, but he just needs you to sign the contract so he can get started working them for you.

You Snooze You Lose

Being wanted and feeling appreciated is a great thing.  But don’t let it linger.  Do your research.  Talk with the people you have that are helping you through the process, and make a decision. There’s no way those teams are gonna wait around for you to make up your mind. And don’t expect the agent to wait too long either.

Now I understand that some players have alot on their plates; graduation, graduation parties, putting together their highlight films, saying goodbye to a “buddies”.  I get it.  But its no excuse to put your pro career in jeopardy.

Some people would say. “Welcome to the real world.”

You gotta understand that the more time goes by, the more teams will be scouting on their own, contacted by agencies, and looking at players.  The teams that the agent has in mind for you early, may decide to go in a different direction.  If you’re a highly coveted player, then no big deal, right?


A closed door means less negotiating power.

For the less coveted player, it means one more door closes on your chance at a professional contract.

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