Deshawn Curtis Claims MVP of 2014 iBall Pro Combine

Deshawn Curtis iBall Pro Combine MVPDeshawn Curtis (6’7″, 224lb, Forward, Prospect Park, PA) has been named Most Valuable Player of the 2014 iBall Pro Combine.  Curtis was an obvious choice, outpacing all combine players with a #1 ranking in 14 Statistical Categories!  Some of his numbers include the following;  18.3 points per game (#1 overall),  27.3 points valoration per game (#1 overall), 8 rebounds per game (#1 overall including 3.7 offensive-#2 overall), 1.7 assists per game, 22 total field goals made (#1 overall), and 24 total rebounds (#1 overall) to name a few.

Curtis began his dominance early, recording 25 points, 11 rebounds, and an iBall Pro Combine Record 37-point valuation while leading Coach Terrell Stokes’ Red Team to victory in his very first game.

Throughout the combine, Curtis displayed an innate ability to draw contact and finish plays above the rim.  His 9 of 11 free throws led all players in foul shots attempted and made.   A very intelligent player, he showcased an ability to read what the defense was giving him.  He repeatedly beat taller defenders by turning, facing, and taking them to the basket off of the dribble.  Smaller defenders were dominated in the post.  Deshawn also boasted great form and accuracy from beyond the arc as he connected on 2 of the 3 triples (67%) he attempted.

Deshawn’s Lateral Lane Shuttle score of 3.9 seconds (according to stats by MAXOUT) was 8th overall, which is extremely impressive for a player his size.

In addition to tournament play, drills, and athletic testing, all 50 players were also evaluated on criteria related to character, competitive drive, and ability to contribute positively to a winning effort.   Curtis led his team to the combine tournament final and received rave reviews from many Coaches, Trainers, and Scouts .  “Extraordinary player and extremely coachable,” said professional trainer and creator of The Original Profender, Tony Devine.   

Curtis was courted by many player representatives at iBall Pro Combine and later signed with iBall Management, a full service and global sports agency.  “A well deserved honor for a relentless competitor,” said Michael Walker, NBPA and FIBA Agent and CEO of iBall Management.  

Curtis enters free agency after an outstanding career at Cheyney University.  In 2013-14, he finished 16th in the nation in points per game (21.7).  He also averaged 8.2 rebounds per game and was twice named both PSAC and ECAC Player of the week.   Curtis finished his season and career by connecting on 20 consecutive free throws.

For all interest in Deshawn Curtis, contact NBPA and FIBA agent Michael Walker at 610-279-3769.  For more scouting information, please view the video below and visit

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  1. Great pick for MVP. He was very versatile and extremely aggressive.. Played both sides of the court offense, defense, team player, and he was very clutch at game winning situation… If I didn’t hurt my knee the last four minutes of the championship game we would of defiantly finished the black team off… Great camp great pick great exposure.. Thanks

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