Coach Doaty on the Speed of Play Effect


Randal S. Doaty
Focus & Attitude Coach

   Quickness is a virtue in the game of basketball. The speed at which a player exhibits optimal performance in their athletic skills is considered their “speed of play”. It is difficult to give a universally measurable number that represents a basketball player’s actual speed of play, but it is very easy to recognize when that player is not playing at their peak speed. Their performance levels will dip significantly on the BIMPS4 software. Usually, the players themselves can feel the lag, but rarely do they understand exactly what is happening to them. Speed of play affects focus, attitude and overall athletic performance!

   The sport of basketball requires five people on the court simultaneously playing as a collective unit. Few coaches consider the fact that each one of these players has their own optimal speed of play. Even the slightest variation in speed of play levels between individual players on the court will cause inefficiency with their collective performance. Another complicating factor is that one’s optimal speed of play can vary slightly from game to game. Finding a player’s individual speed of play sweet spot can seem like a constantly moving target.

   As a Focus and Attitude Coach I have found the most effective way to study speed of play in basketball players is to carefully study squad performance data. This of course requires each combination of five players to be studied as both a unique combination of five and also individually. The BIMPS4 software was developed for this very purpose and it is the only software of its kind in the sport of basketball. BIMPS4 is revealing amazing data never before considered in this sport.

   If you are a player who doesn’t seem to click with the other players, you may be encountering a speed of play dilemma. Your problem can be further complicated by the types of offenses and defenses which are utilized by the coaching staff. Many perfectly good basketball players experience frustrating performances because both them and their coaching staff don’t have a good handle on speed of play dynamics. Your basketball future could hang on the fact that no one has yet seen your true ability simply because of misusing your speed of play characteristics!

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