Coach Doaty on the DNA of Basketball Success

Coach Randy Doaty

Randal S. Doaty
Focus & Attitude Coach
Co-Developer of BIMPS4 Baketball Software

   Every living thing has a blueprint called DNA. From the moment of conception countless predetermined characteristics have been cast which will ultimately determine the framework of who and what we can become. The same is also true for a successful basketball program. A unique matrix of small and unseen components will usually help to form the unique DNA of championship teams and seasons. Every single one of these small but powerful ingredients plays their own special roll in a symphony of success.

   When I look at a successful basketball team I see talented and dedicated athletes. I see committed coaches and their support staff. If I look a little closer I see daily intense practices, strength training, game film study, private skill coaching, off season AAU participation and an on-going commitment to the sport of basketball. If I look really, really close I will see both coaches and athletes looking for and embracing new and unique approaches to gaining a competitive edge in their sport – true innovators.

   The Focus and Attitude curriculum that I have developed through the use of my Basketball Intensity Measurement Points System 4 (BIMPS4) software is a unique and novel approach to the sport of basketball. It is not the silver bullet of success. It is but one very small ingredient in what can become a part of your matrix of basketball success. Basketball is a sport that depends on a fragile balance of mental composure that ultimately controls access to our athletic abilities. These concepts need to be taught.

   We all dream of being the star of the game – the reason for the great season. I hate to disappoint you but that will surely never happen to any of us. Great basketball programs are the result of many small and unsung heroes that have all brought their own unique piece of the puzzle to the table. My piece is focus and attitude development, but this piece is completely useless without all the countless other pieces that make up the big picture. None of us can share in true success without acknowledging all of the other interlocking pieces in a championship puzzle.

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