Coach Doaty on the Art of Drawing Contact


Randal S. Doaty
Focus & Attitude Coach
BIMPS4 Software Co-Developer

   One of the momentum generating events in my BIMPS4 basketball software is “drawing a foul”. If you have been fouled by another player, you will earn BIMPS points and your intensity level will increase. This particular event is always a great point of discussion because these fouls can come in two different varieties. Sometimes you are fortunate enough to be fouled by your opponent. We call this luck. Sometimes you actually understand the art of drawing the fouls – you create the event. Great players understand how to intentionally draw contact!

   As a Focus & Attitude Coach, it is my job to track momentum generating events. When I carefully assess the two types of foul circumstances I just mentioned, I find many players depending on luck to get them to the foul line. They are at the stripe because some other player accidentally committed the foul – not because they baited their opponent into the act. The ability of a basketball player to intentionally draw contact is a true basketball art. Sadly, few coaches focus on this particular basketball skill in their practices and clinics.

   The reason “drawing contact” is of particular interest from a Focus & Attitude coaching perspective is the overall mental result of the violation. Your opponent will understand when they have accidentally committed a foul or when you have intentionally baited them into the violation. The psychological effect on your opponent is much more intense when you have victimized them with the intended violation. Focus & Attitude coaching is just as much about the mental damage you do to your opponents as it is preserving your own focus and attitude.

   A team that has mastered the art of drawing contact will have more scoring opportunities and more rebounding opportunities. Your BIMPS scale numbers will increase along with your individual, squad and team success. Every player likes to demand respect from their opponent. A very subtle way to achieve this dominance is through the art of drawing a foul  through contact. This is just one of many tactical psychological tools that a good Focus & Attitude Coach will share with their basketball team. Basketball is a unique blend of both physical and mental strategy!

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