Coach Doaty on Basketball Performance Intensity


Randal S. Doaty
Focus & Attitude Coach

   If I were considering a student for admission into college and I wanted to understand their level of intelligence, I would look at their SAT score. If I wanted to know what type of credit risk they were, I would look at their credit score. If I wanted to know how good they are at the sport of basketball, I would be asked to watch hours of highlight films and talk to parents and coaches who have a vested interest in them getting into the very best basketball program at the next level. We now have the ability to roll all of your basketball qualities into a few measurable numbers.

   The BIMPS4 basketball system was created to provide a uniform system of measurement for basketball player performance. This system analyzes specific momentum generating events and the amount of time that the player was actually on the court. The more momentum generating events that a player initiates in a specific amount of time will determine player intensity. The BIMPS4 system does the same sort of intensity calculations for squads and the overall intensity of the team as well.

   In the heat of battle, this information may not seem relevant to some. However, basketball performance intensity can be measured in very precise numbers. Fluctuations in player intensity can warn a coach when a player is experiencing physical fatigue or a mental state shift that can quickly escalate into a performance problem. This real time game data is a valuable tool for a sideline Focus & Attitude Coach who is trying to maintain the peak performance of players, the squad combinations or the entire team. No other software provides this data.

   Basketball performance intensity levels are also a great point of reference for player development. This system offers measureable reference points for players and coaches. A player will begin to learn what outside influences affects their performance and begin to understand how they can become better. The Basketball Intensity Measurement Point System (BIMPS) is basketball’s very first unit of measurement that can clearly define exactly how good you are in the sport of basketball. You can now have a performance level number!

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