ATTENTION All GMs Agents Coaches and Professional Basketball Management; Visit The Exposure Camp and Pro Combine That’s Ready To Work For YOU!

“iBall United is Scouting in Its Purest Form.”

Guille Arenas Buenas,  Head Coach,  Oviedo Spain (LEB ORO) 

International Ballplayers United, Inc. is Inviting all Professional Basketball Management to scout top professional prospects, promote newly signed players, and expand the scope of their international  network.

The combine will take place Saturday and Sunday, June 1-2 in Pottstown, PA.

The Following Benefits Will Be Realized by All Pro Player Management

Combine Benefits Include:

  • Scouting top Pro Prospects
  • Provide high quality data for world-wide player exposure
  • Network with FIBA Licensed Professionals
  • Build relationships with other Professionals
  • VIP Hospitality Treatment for All Managment

iBall United Founder, Howard Brown, played professionally, and at a high level for over 13 years. What I learned is that management becomes more and more demanding about the level of insight they require for making decisions on key players.

iBall spoke to a number of pro general management, coaches, and  agents who are looking for to quality information to help them make better decisions.  Because of the extensive content we capture and release before, during, and after the combine, we give management a clear insight into key metrics involved in evaluating any potential professional player. These metrics include:

  • Athleticism.
  • Reading Plays And Decision-Making.
  • Levels of Contribution to A Winning Team.
  • Attitude.

We’ve teamed up the creators at MAXOUT to provide real testing for key metrics. As you know overseas coaches take great measures to evaluate player conditioning. As we have witnessed from overseas coaches inquiries, superior athletes have will be well received.

We’ve teamed up with the creators of BIMPS4 Advanced Statistical Evaluation to capture and record not only the normal stats of points rebounds etc, but also the intangibles–deflections, good passes, and other key metrics that contribute to a players ability to help the team win.

Coupled with MAXOUT and BIMPS scoring, our Player Scouting Report will be compiled with contribution from Experienced Professionals Players. Players with NBA and International Experience will be participate in Coaching, Scouting and Camp Coordination. Our scouting will be one of the most respected player resources that overseas management will find, and we will release it, for free to our entire network (extending to over 700 professional organizations world-wide)

Rest assured we protest your company interest. All players the a have agents will be duly noted in our scouting materials. We encourage you to attend, but if you do not, be certain that all scouting materials displayed before, during, and after the showcase will clearly state your company as player representatives.


Once we produce the combine, capture all the video, and compile the reports, the data is uploaded to player marketing pages, and released internationally.  Our database of management has grown to upwards of 700.

Agents who enter players in the iBall Pro Combine can be rest assured that any interest we receive in your player is directed immediately to your agency.

These are some ways we promote players via our scouting webpage.

  • Teams are announced online and publicized at event
    with Agency Representation clearly visible.
  • Player Marketing Webpage
  • All pictures can be linked to your website, upon request

“iBall Revived my Career!” –Joseph Kennerly
*signed in Romania after sitting out one year,now signed to tour in China with NBDL.

 “Your camp was probably the best I’ve ever been to as a player or agent.” Raymond Strickland – Arete Sports Management 

“Thanks for the Information. Very Professional” –
*Kevin Young, Head Coach, Iowa Energy, NBA -Development League

“iBall Went Above and Beyond Any Camp I’ve Been To Over my Whole Career.” Crista Ricketts – Regeneracom Sports


PLAYER REGISTRATION – for approved players 


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