Antonio Sanchez Cutillas: Men’s University Prospect, Scouting Review by Emerito Paredes

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Prospect Type
Men’s University Prospect

Antonio Sanchez Cutillas

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Reviewed by Reviewed Type

Emerito Paredes

Accredited Scout

Review Date Birthday
03-17-2013 04-30-1992
Puts constant pressure on the defense by continually looking for gaps on the baseline. Has very good hands, can catch tough passess and finish with contact. Has a good nose for the ball and keeps it high all the time. Not prone to getting stripped by smaller guards. Good defender and can closeout really well for someone his size.He also has range up to 18 feet and is comfortable shooting the 3. Baseline jumper is very consistent. Understands angles on both ends of the court.
Mild mannered and plays without any ego. Might not be the fastest post guy but is always in constant motion. Never stops running.More than anything, he never gives up on any play.
Suggested Improvements
Recognizing where the double team might be coming from and passing out of it in one motion (from the dribble). His verbal communication with teammates will make him a much better player especially defensively.A jump hook off both shoulders will compensate for any size disadvantage. Attacking the defensive boards with the same enthusiasm as the offensive side will make him a monster rebounder.His overall body strength must be addressed as well.
Player Approved For… Player Comparisons
US NCAA DIvision 1 Smaller Felipe Reyes, Curtis Borchardt
Additional Comments
Though a good defender, he can work on his timing as a shot blocker.
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