Antonio Sachez Cutillas: University Prospect Scouting Review by Emir Coco

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Prospect Type
Men’s University Prospect

Antonio Sanchez Cutillas

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Emir Coco

Accredited Scout

Review Date Birthday
03-17-2013 04-30-1992
Antonio is not a typical big man, he is a versatile 4/5 man who possesses a nice jumper that he uses after reading defense. He has decent footwork for his size which allows him defend will facing up. Antonio is a player that can play both pick & pop and pick & roll with effectiveness. His post up game is solid.  He loves to finish off with a baby hook both ways.
His attitude is excellent. He is a team player that tries to help on both ends of the court. He reads systems good and takes what defense gives him. Sets good screens and knows to flash or pop according to defensive action. Type of player that can go a game with 0 shots and still will work hard on both ends of the court.
Suggested Improvements
I would like to see him play more with his face up to basket. As a 6´9 guy he can open the court with his shooting but would definitely be a bigger threat if he starts putting the ball to the floor from top of the key. He could put some extra pounds on his body frame which would make him stronger in both defense and offense and more fit to compete at US Universities at the highest level.
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