25 questions players should ask about any free agent pro camp

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by Howard Brown

Before you decide on the pro free agent camps you want to attend, always ask questions.

I put together a list for you to use as a reference.  They can be applied to any free agent camp out there. To keep it simple I broke them into parts.

Who. What. How many. Where. When. How much.

If you don’t do anything else, find out the answers to these questions and you’ll be making an educated decision.


Who is running the camp?

Who will be there?

Who will be told about the results?

Who will you be playing against?


What kind of camp will it be?

What will you take home?

What do you get when you do really well?

What will you learn?


How many other players will be there?

How many players got signed from last camp?

How many scouts, coaches, and/or agents will be there?

How many scouts, coaches, and/or agents will be reached with camp results?


When is the camp?

When do you find out how you did?

When do you receive your camp videos?

When do your videos go online?

When do I see the scouting report or camp recap?

When does the scouting report go online?


Where is the camp being held? 

Where are you recommended to stay while attending camp?

Where was the camp help last time?

Where can you find out more about the last camp?


How much does It cost?

How much do other similar camps cost?

How much is the discount?

You may have some questions you’d like to add to this list.  Feel free to post them in the comments.  The goal here is to help players make the best career choices possible.

They say “you only get one shot.”   Let’s help each other go about it the right way.

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