2014 Mens iBall Pro Combine Discount Extended

marketing - flyer - iBall Pro Combine 2014 - IBUGreat News for aspiring pro basketball players! The 2014 Mens iBall Pro Combine Early Registration Discount has been extended through June 1st!

iBall Pro Combine is the world’s most comprehensive pro basketball exposure opportunity.  Planned for July 19th and 20th in suburban Philadelphia, PA, iBall offers a powerful mix of marketing, consulting, training, career coaching, speed and agility testing, international scouting & reporting, and ultimately, your best opportunity to connect with and be signed by professional basketball personnel from around the world.

iBall is unique in its ability to help players connect with teams and agencies before, during, and after the day of the combine.   On July 19th and 20th, NBA and FIBA personnel will attend, scout, conduct interviews, and critique players during games drills and workouts.  In addition, iBall robust marketing materials are released prior to and after the combine.  As a direct result, players often receive offers well before the day of the combine.  In addition, players are contacted and deals are also made well after the combine date has passed.  Access the marketing brochure for the most recent player signings.

Here are a few examples of how iBall Pro Combine works.

iBall is founded by former pro players with numerous years of experience at the international level.  The knowledge of making it pro is shared at a high level with all players.  Players who register at the elite level receive career coaching through one-on-one sessions with iBall Chairman and 13-year pro, Howard Brown.  But that is only the beginning.

marketing partner logo basketball player advisor logo promo iball video partner jorge lorenzo jlorenzo youtube BPA basketballplayeradvisor.comiBall Pro Combine is an exclusive partner with Basketball Player Advisor (BPA), a world renowned video scouting agency with ties with multiple organizations at the NBA and FIBA level.  BPA customizes and distributes scouting video internationally, and for all players who register for iBall Pro Combine at the elite level, game and highlight videos as well as combine video will be integrated into a custom breakdown of players top skills and attributes, showing interested parties the many ways that players can contribute positively to teams.  Below is a sample video for 2014 iBall Pro Combine commit, Joe Graessle.

Elite level registration includes: Custom Video by BPA, Career Coaching with Coach Brown, and all Pro and Starter items…

Screen shot 2014-05-18 at 2.58.46 AMAt the Pro Level, players are provided numerous marketing tools that are essential to signing at the pro level.  iBall business cards are an outstanding way to make an impression when connecting with personnel at camps and workouts, and the iBall Pro Signing Resume (PSR) is a state-of-the-art presentation of basketball expertise.  PSRs are laid out in the most widely accepted format by GMs at the international level.  Check out this snapshop of the PSR (page 1 only) for recent iBall Commit Deshawn Curtis.

Deshawn Curtis PSR

PSRs are one of the many reasons why iBall has successfully partnered with multiple agencies over the years.  Because we do not collect commissions when combine players are signed, we can promote players along side agents without the possibility of them losing their players.  iBall marketing expertise alleviates the burden and expense for agents to create and maintain pristine marketing packages for their players.

Just like players unsigned players, when agents register their players for iBall Pro Combine, they can be rest assured that their players’ marketing will be state-of-the-art.  iBall will also fully customize Resumes, business cards, and profiles to include the contact information and logos of the agency.

With a boost in international networking,  agents can concentrate on following up on phone calls and building and maintaining relationships with teams, while iBall handles the technicalities of video preparation, resume customization, and webpage design.  In addition, agents who accompany their players to iBall Pro Combine will have the combine entry fee waived.  Contact iball@iballunited.com or call 470-238-9876 for details.

Pro level registration includes: Fully Customized Pro Signing Resume, 200 iBall Business Cards, and all Starter items…

Overseas BallplayersEven at the starter level, iBall Pro Combine delivers much more than the average exposure camp or combine.  With a 54 player limit to increase individual focus, HD video of speed and agility drills and tournament games mounted to the iBall website and youtube for free, coaching and drills led by multi-year pros with connections all over the world, detailed international scouting reports distributed continuously before and after the combine.   Registering for iBall Pro Combine is much more than signing up for an exposure camp.  It is an investment in your career as a professional athlete and a partnership with a team of former players who dedicated to assist the next generation of professional basketball players with building and sustaining successful careers.

For all combine details including registration, hotel accommodations, nearest airports and other important information, please click, open, or download the 2014 iBall Pro Combine Brochure.

for more information, email iball@iballunited.com or call 470-238-9876.

More information can also be requested by clicking and returning the iBall player assistance form.

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