Coach Anthony Drago: Key Exercises to Keep You From Injury

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To be an effective player, you have to be on the court.  To be on the court, you have to be healthy.  That’s why staying injury-free is one of the keys to being a successful basketball player.
You can’t put in killer performances if you’re not healthy enough to suit up.  Crutching your way to the bench will never make Sportscenter.  And no matter how many signatures you get on your cast, it won’t add up to facebook likes for a game-winning shot.
Any player that missed an extended amount of time can tell you, you’ll put in longer hours and work harder when your’e hurt than you do when you’re healthy and practicing.  No matter how you put it, being hurt ain’t cool.
Don’t get me wrong, freak accidents happen.   And then there’s this.
But alot of injuries can be prevented if you put in the proper training.  Manager, sports trainer, and personal development specialist,  Anthony Drago, gives an extraordinary break-down of 2 exercises that can help prevent lower leg injury.  It was written for women’s players, but it can easily be translated for men as well.  check it out 
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